Door Hinge and Bolt Kit

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Item Number: DHKX62

Door Hinge and Bolt Kit.
Kit Includes:
1 Upper Left Door Hinge
1 Upper Right Door Hinge
1 Lower Left Door Hinge
1 Lower Right Door Hinge
1 24pc Bolt kit for all 4 Hinges

Notes: Note for 67: Some 67's had a stamped steel upper door hinge, which is not available.
The cast style upper hinges in this kit are correct for 62-66, but will work just fine for 67.


Nova 1962

Nova 1963

Nova 1964

Nova 1965

Nova 1966

Nova 1967

Reference: door shells, door hinges, door hinge bolts

Item Number: DHKX62

This item can be found in:
Our Chevy II / Nova Catalog on page 29 column 3