Upper Ball Joint. Correct Style. GM Licensed Reproduction.

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Item Number: UBJN68

Upper Ball Joint, with Hardware- GM Licensed- Each. Factory Correct. GM Licensed Reproduction. Need two per car.

Notes: **Installation Tip** Overgreasing the ball joints. The dust boots that come with the ball joints are only made to keep dust, dirt and road grime out of the joint. Overgreasing the ball joint will definitely cause boot failure, due to excess pressure. Generally four to five squirts is all that is needed. Overgreasing will cause the boot to either split or lose its seal on the top and bottom of boot. This is the only cause for premature boot failure other than age and wear/tear.


Camaro 1967

Camaro 1968

Camaro 1969

Chevelle 1964

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Chevelle 1966

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Chevelle 1970

Chevelle 1971

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El Camino 1964

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Item Number: UBJN68

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