Console Kit, 4 speed Manual. With Console Gauges. Unassembled.

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Item Number: CKMC694G

Console Kit, 3 speed Manual. With Console Gauges. Unassembled.

Kit includes:
Console base
console base to floor mounting bracket
console door
console door spring
console door hinge
console door arm
console lid rubber bumpers
ashtray lid
ashtray lid springs
ashtray lid hinge pins
ashtray lid rubber bumpers
ashtray insert
front top plate
front plate emblem
Manual shift plate (cherry)
forward shift plate bracket
shift tunnel
shift plate emblem
rear lamp lens
rear light reflector
rear lamp bulb
console seat belt clip
assembly hardware
Console Gauge Assembly
Console gauge assembly mounting hardware kit

Notes: Console kit is NOT assembled. Does not include wiring. Includes gauge assembly and gauge assembly mounting hardware kit.


Camaro 1969

Item Number: CKMC694G

This item can be found in:
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