Front End Bolt Kit - Standard and Rally Sport

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Item Number: FEBC70

Front End Bolt Kit - Standard and Rally Sport. - - - - Kit includes: bolts, nuts, washers for Headlight Bracket, Latch Brace, Fender Braces, Fender to Core Support, Top Panel Ends : bolts, u-nuts for Upper and Lower Fender Bolts : cup washers, bolts for Inner Upper Fender Wells : bolts for Hood Hinges : shims for Fenders : bolts, J-nuts for Inner Fender Skirt : black screws for Headlight Bezels.

Notes: Very important to cut tips from hood hinge bolts before installing.


Camaro 1970

Camaro 1971

Camaro 1972

Camaro 1973

Camaro 1974

Camaro 1975

Camaro 1976

Camaro 1977

Camaro 1978

Camaro 1979

Camaro 1980

Camaro 1981

Reference: core support, radiator support, inner fenders, hoods

Item Number: FEBC70

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